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Shamash (TM) - FREE PNP - Play Tester Copy

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Shamash (TM) - FREE PNP - Play Tester Copy

Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC 
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Designers: Brian Fiore & Justin Steinberg

Shamash is a 2 player, 10-minute, 14 card microgame.  In Shamash, players celebrate Hanukkah, the Miracle of Lights, by drafting Candle Cards and then alternate turns lighting candles to score the most victory points possible.

Mechanisms: Drafting - Action Selection - Push Your Luck - Bluffing - Hand Management - Secret Objective Points 

FREE PNP Beta-Testing Version (Limited Time Availability) - This version is a Print and Play (PNP) digital beta-testing version of the game that requires you to download files, print out the cards, and assemble the game in order to play test. 

PNP DIRECTIONS: The easiest way is to just print on 8.5"x11" paper, cut out the card fronts and backs, and insert them into standard poker/CCG sized card sleeves (2.5"x3.5").  If you would like to add more stability, just insert any old standard sized common CGG cards in between the fronts and backs (like a sandwich) before inserting the bunch into the card sleeve. 

OTHER VERSIONS: Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Shamash, including when other versions of it become available (such as the Mint Tin version).  We intend to Kickstart Shamash in 2020.

COVER PHOTOS: Some of the cover photos may show other prototype versions of Shamash, such as a Mint Tin Edition and/or Token Based Edition. The PNP version of Shamash is compatible with Insert Imagination and standard poker sized card sleeves which are available separately.    



Thank you for play testing SHAMASH and helping is make it better!  

Please send your feedback to us at one of the options below: 

FAQ - FREE?: Yes, just type "0" in the price box, and no payment information will be required.  

FAQ - Contact Information: This product does require an email and physical address. If you prefer not to supply this information, you may contact me directly through the Facebook Page or Group above, and I can send the files to you through a PM.

End User License Agreement: By purchasing, downloading, printing, copying, and/or using any of the contents of these files, you agree that such use will only be for your non-commercial personal use in order to play or to play test the game, Shamash (TM). You agree not to make physical or electronic copies for another person or entity without obtaining written permission from the copyright owner. This license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, revocable, and not sub-licensable. You may make a back-up copy of the file(s) for your personal archival use. You have permission to have a single copy of these files printed at a print/copy shop.

Shamash (TM). Copyright 2019. All rights are reserved, and owned by Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC.

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