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Red Lines: A Syrian Shell Game of Assad's Sarin (Free Shipping)

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Red Lines (TM) is a 2-player asymmetrical micro-wargame.  

Will the US Player be able to disarm Assad's Regime of chemical weapons without escalating tensions with Russia or incurring civilian casualties? 


Will the Putin/Assad Player be able to smuggle their chemical weapons to safety, hide them behind human shields, and blame the US Player for any casualties?    

$2.99 - PNP Edition - (Digital Only Content):

The Print-And-Play (PNP) Edition is a Full Color PDF File containing the following: 

Page 1 Contains: EULA; PNP Instructions;

Page 2 Contains: The Rules

Page 3 Contains: 1x Western Half of the Map; 1x Leader Card (Trump) 

Page 4 Contains: 1x Eastern Half of the Map; 2x Leader Cards (Assad, Putin)

Page 5 Contains: 26x Tokens (fronts)

Page 6 Contains: 26x Tokens (backs)

Page 7 Contains: Cover Art Insert - Formatted to fit in Insert Imagination Board Game Box or a DVD Case. (Sold Separately)

***Components Not Included: 1x Six-Sided Die 

Insert Imagination ProtoBit Compatibility: (Sold Separately)

1x ProtoBox (5.25” x 7.25” x 0.50”) can be used to fit all of the following:

4x ProtoBoards (4.0” x 6”) can be used to fit the entire Map

3x ProtoCards (2.5" x 3.5") can be used to fit the Leader Cards

26x ProtoTokens (Square 1.0”) can be used to fit all the Tokens



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Red Lines: A Syrian Shell Game of Assad's Sarin (Free Shipping)

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